Meet the Runners

Allison is not alone in her fight. Together, we are running in support of Allison.

Since Allison received her diagnosis a year ago, we have heard countless, incredible stories of how she has impacted the lives of those around her. Some of these stories were highlighted as part of the 2020 DUNN With Cancer run. We encourage anyone who will be running with Allison this September to share your story with us (or reshare the story you told last year) by contacting us directly.


I have a vivid memory of a cross-country race in high school. Allison was in grade 12, I was in grade 11. We were racing in Etobicoke and me, being in the Senior Men category, was the final race of the day. It was an especially tough course that featured "the Hill" - a mountain that doesn't need to go by any other name. The race was the hardest of the season.

Now, neither Allison or I would call myself the fastest on the team. Crowds that were focused on the lead pack were often packing up their tents when I was rounding the final corner. But not Allison. With less than 500 meters to go and no energy left in my tank, I remember seeing her standing in a dispersed crowd, waiting to cheer me on so energetically. And as I passed her, all Allison said to me was "see those two up there? Catch them." With that, I took a deep breath, put my head down, and did what she told me to do.

This is one of the countless stories that shows two of Allison's best qualities as a sister and as a friend. She cares so deeply about everyone in her life and pushes them to be better people. I've had many conversations with her friends and family on how strong of a fighter Allison is. But what is important to highlight is that her fighter mentality is often directed towards making the lives around her better.

So why am I running? Allison - It is hard to put into words how positively you've impacted my life. I am running this race with you in hopes that it begins to show my appreciation in everything you have taught me - the strength, caring and determination that you live by every day, how you make everyone around you better and how you positively impact the people and causes you touch. 

Brian Dunn (brother)


do you want to run with Allison? 

That Dam Hill will take place in Springbank Park, London, ON on September 18th, 2021. 

There will be a 5km Run/Walk  in memory of Allison (at no cost), in addition to a spectator BBQ. Timed races are available, which you can sign up through the That Dam Hill website. The timed races include:

- Half marathon

- Marathon (relay)

- 24 hour (relay) 

- 5km race 

We encourage anyone who is running with the Dunn With Cancer team to reach out to us to be featured on our Runners page. If you wish to be part of the team, please reach out to us directly.